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5 Most Important HVAC Maintenance Checks

Jan 19, 2022 | Maintenance

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is one of the essential systems of your home. It keeps you cool during the summer, and warm and cozy all winter. Not only that, the HVAC keeps your pipes circulating during the winter so they don’t freeze and burst. Like everything, your HVAC requires maintenance.

How Often Should I Perform HVAC Maintenance?

It’s ideal to perform maintenance checks twice a year – spring and fall. You want to make sure your HVAC is ready for the summer months and then in the fall before the temperatures plummet. There’s nothing worse than your heat failing during the coldest months of the year.

Depending on your comfort level, you can take on the tasks yourself. However, if you’re unsure on what to do, it’s best to hire experts to help with the maintenance.

Remove Debris

As part of your maintenance, check the actual unit. For your AC, take a look outside to make sure there’s no material blocking filters or the coils. Any clogs from debris will interrupt the airflow and impact the system’s ability to operate normal. If it’s working twice as hard, your bills will be twice as much.

Look for leaves, grass, twigs, or other debris around the unit. Always wear protective gear and start wiping and hosing the unit down. Look around the unit to ensure there’s no other shrubbery, or weeds blocking the airflow. Check the registers and vents, and clean out your condensate drain using a mix of bleach and water. This prevents mold from blocking your unit’s airflow.

Replace the Filters

The filters should be checked and replaced more often. It’s recommended to check your HVAC’s filters every few months. Yes, that often. It only takes a few months for mold, dust, and dander to obstruct your filter. The filter blocks out dirty air, so your family could be breathing in mold and dirty air. If the filters are jammed, that impacts your unit’s efficiency. Again, your unit is working twice as hard, thus increasing your energy bill.

Clean Coils

When checking out your HVAC unit, take a look at the coils. The coils are essential to your unit running reliably. Dirty coils will cause your HVAC to struggle and could struggle to run.

Make sure your HVAC is off, always wear protective gear and clean the coils. Not only will clean coils improve the reliability of your unit, but it will contribute to improved air quality in your home.

If you’re unsure how to clean the coils, give The Heat People a call and let’s schedule a free in-home estimate.

Check Air Ducts

Air ducts carry the air and can be overlooked. Inspect your air ducts to make sure there are no holes and that the air is flowing freely. You’re losing comfort in the winter months and losing that air, causing your systems to turn on more frequently, which is causing your energy bills to increase. Check your ducts to ensure they’re properly sealed and insulated.

Don’t Overlook the Thermostat

During the transitional time between seasons, make sure your thermostat is set properly to a comfortable indoor temperature. This will save on your energy bills and improve the efficiency of your HVAC. If your thermostat is programmable, you can adjust to lower temps if you are away. Making the adjustment keep your HVAC from overwork, leading to more maintenance and even repairs.

Add The Heat People to Your Checklist

Don’t neglect your HVAC system and use these tips as a roadmap to keep your HVAC system running properly. Scheduling regular maintenance with the experts will ensure reliability and efficiency of your HVAC system. Give us a call and we can schedule a free in-home estimate and start regular maintenance checks.